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Does actual remote viewing exist?


There are many skills that you may have head that psychics or mediums possess, from the ability to see into the future, to tapping into the messages being sent from spirits and those who have passed to the other side.

When seeking help or information from a medium, they will use a variety of these skills – some will be a natural talent with which they were born but some skills they have, will have been taught to them and one of these skills is remote viewing.

How can it be defined?

Within us all is an innate sense of inner knowledge which feeds our ability and perception of personal growth. This inner knowledge propels us on to discover and explore; some of us believe in this wholeheartedly. It is that gut feeling of something being right and something else being the ‘wrong thing to do’. Others we may know, have not obvious connection, making their decisions on seemingly black and white circumstances.

Some see remote viewing as a powerful, yet teachable skill that is paranormal. It takes huge amount of concentration but it when someone can remote view an object, for example that could be many miles away and, by concentrating, emptying their mind of superfluous information, they can see and hear the object (if it has sound). It can be a person or an event, and distance is no barrier.

In a psychic setting, it is a technique that can take some time to do and some people also refer to remote viewing as remote sensing or clairsentience.

There is a belief that we are all linked and connected across the universe. No matter what happens or where, we can as intelligent human beings, tap into this event or place and experience this. Known as bi-location, it is thought that there are no limits to this technique or skill.

However, although we say it can be taught, it takes more than a textbook and an exam to hone this skill. It takes hours of meditation and patience; it takes perseverance to understand our own inner strength and the human limitations we place on them. We need to understand our own skepticism and how this can get in the way.

What does it feel like?

People think that in learning this skill they will be presented with a clear visions, almost like an oil painting or an attachment on an email. This is too simplistic a view and you will be sorely disappointed!

Your first journey into remote viewing will be the sense of somewhere; you may smell something familiar or you may feel something, like an emotion such as happiness or anxiety. You may also begin to see colours… gradually, these senses will start to join together and you will start to have ‘visions’. You will start to see the event or the place; as you develop this skill further still, you will gain more and more from these sessions.

There is nothing that cannot be remote viewed; some suggest even God could be seen…

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