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Step Up the Ladder, But Take Everyone Else With You


“Friends and partners to celebrate life with, abundance to enhance any adventure, and mountains to perch atop, all arrive when you dwell upon the celebration, the adventure, and the view. Not names, lotteries, or the path you think wisest.

Because I want you to have them all,

The Universe”

You can have all the wealth in the world but it is not worth it if you can’t share. Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speech have shared to many graduates the 6 rules to success and one of them was to give back to society, either in time, volunteering, or financially. Help others succeed and your turn will come. I am not saying to deprive yourself at the expense of someone else, because you are definitely a priority over others, but as you move up the ladder of success, you can reach down and grab others hand and pull them up as well. Imagine this. There is around 7.1 billions ladders standing up to reaching the sky and are reserved for every single human beings living in this planet. As we all know that there are billions and billions and billions of stars and galaxies out there, there is plenty enough for anyone who wants it badly to reach up and climb that ladder. Forget about that ONE single boat of opportunity that can sail away if you don’t jump in it quickly and might lose your chance of making it big. Many more will come and you can expect a limitless amount of success that can follow. You just need to have the faith and patience that it will happen. You need to trust yourself enough that you will make it big. We all have doubts, concerns, questioning ourselves when it comes for us to deserve this kind of success. There is never any limits as to the doubts our minds can create.

Abundance is there, no matter which way you look at it. There is no REAL secret as the process to make things happen to our advantage. The book from Rhonda Byrne explains it very well. There is some logic to it but also, we need to be careful on how much we can apply this secret to everything else in our lives. It is obvious that the Secret works well with successful people as they always keep a very positive mind when it comes to wealth and abundance. There is no reason for them to feel down or depressed as they have more money to buy whatever they desire. However, others who struggle to pay bills will always allow negative thoughts entering them mind because of their present situation. It does become a vicious cycle, just like obesity. If you look at those who suffer from this terrible ailments will tell you that they find solace in food, while making them gain more weight and lower their self-esteem which will make them go back to food to counter their depression, which doesn’t really work. All of this process consumes your mind, either it being unsuccessful in business or in health. What to do? Break out of it. Start changing your thoughts, your approach, your work and eating habits. Make the desirable change needed and if that doesn’t work, don’t fret and allow failure to dictate the next step in your life. Accept failure and move forward. Real failure is when you let it control your esteem and stop progressing. Basic failure is just a lesson, an obstacle that can be beaten or overcome.

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